Sunday, September 03, 2006

Term 3 - Exec Summary

Phew , what a term we've just had. I know it is no excuse for not blogging, but somehow blogging seems such a luxury these days. Getting strainght back, Term 3 was a very hectic term, a lot of Finance courses. Wow! what an experience, it made me realise what I really love to do, its to Fin. I had ended term 2 with a slight inclination towards Marketing, after the excitement about MarkStrat, but felt that there wasn't much of a fit for me (I still consider that I can Market things big time), but it somehow does not give me the "gratification that Fin gives". So heres goes, I have since decided that I would like to dedicate the rest of my life to Finance. Especailly corporate finance, Brealey and Myers were an awesome duo who should be given some credit for my transformation, and so should Suren. The feeling is good, the same kinda thing when I said "ho" to engineering.

CorpFin apart, we had another good course OM, though many found it a bit of a drag, moi felt it was awesome, althought I felt that it was more of an "extended aptitude test" into the 3rd term of the MBA course. Ram Bala is a guy I would remember for a long time, more so because of some insensitive souls who just don't know how to put oneself into another shoe, For heavens sake folks, stop being so keyed up about those 14 old lacs. Neways, a gentleman to the core, took it in good spirits. A key moment, when in one class, he just wanted to extend it by a few minutes, when some souls just got packing, the resigned "OK, thats it then" from him summed it all. Wokays then, life goes on, will say a hello anytime if I indeed meet this gentleman on the streets, btw he is Nahar's batchmate.

ENTR ( God ,I still can't spell it without an effort) and MADM, the former should have been a 1/2 credit course, and Srinivas the TA should have thought the latter. No great news for these. This apart, a couple of interesting things are happening in and around me ;-).

Drove down to BEML/? about 15 kms from here, on a saturday evening. Sunset drives reminds me of the days of lore, some how the missed bus to Bangalore is what comes to my mind during such times, can I ever forget that.

Had some placom meetings, YES ! Did some work on that front the 20*20 thiing was a hit. Need to work more on that now, had a couple of good parties TDS and our SV3 mirror pool. One good moment, we won the bidding game in MADM, F7 rules. Also, had a good laugh listening to the various presentations of KOTA fibres, God what a day.

That apart the exams were great, such a good feeling. Spent it at TDS, KANK happening and so did Kill-Bill, God I love UThurman. Some other firsts in life, went to a film studio. RAMOJI ( pics next time) and had some general masti during the term break. Some sould searching too...thatz term 3 for you. Hello term 4 in a day or two.



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