Wednesday, October 18, 2006 9:30

Today should go down as one of my most memorable/dramatic days in my life. It all began about 2 weeks ago, when the SAIT exam was postponed to a later date due to non availability of text for a few studends. After some hoopla about this, things settled down for an exam today. As it has always been, a 10 day term break did not quite prompt yours truly to study for the impending exam. Last night, finally decided to open my books and was at it till early morning, finally decided to go to bed with the confidence that my alarm and my cell phone would not let me down and I would not let them down either. So moi good into deep slumber.

When I finally woke up it was Exam was supposed to start at 8:30. Somehow didn't panic a lot, was confident that the TA's would let me take the exam( not sure why I had this, but in hindsight it isn't very unlikely that they would have denied me entry). Also was sure that if given entry, I should still be able to have a decent crack at the exam. All this happens thought occurs in exactly 30 secs, the next 30 secs is spent dressing up , picking up my keys and a pencil. I ran towards the acad centre ( not very sure of my seating plan either, buy vaguely knew that it was ac6 or ac4). Meet Borax on the way, thatz when my heart really sank, could someone let me in once ppl have finished the exam and left, luckily I was in a great hurry and didn't think too much, borax , a star as he is, said a few soothing words, said "It's 120 questions, easy and that there was some goofup and students were given 30 mins extra", I felt a bit better. My name wasn't at ac6, so headed to ac4, found my name and entered.,

Without looking at the TA, signed the attendence sheet, she was a bit surprised, she said that some had already finished the exam and left, think about an angel, she let me take the exam. Had a quick look at the time, it said 9:40, the TA also said that I would not get any extra time, so had to finish the 2 hr paper in 50 mins flat.

By now most of the folks has left, and I must've been the only soul in the class yet to start. So me got cracking, luckily for me, there were no surprises, and also not much of "memory recall" questions, so had a decent crack at the paper. In the meanwhile the TA, who knew that I had just woken up from sleep offered me some horlics. Was a very kind gesture, and all the while was asking me to relax and said that I hadn't lost much as ppl had finished the paper in 30 mins. Finally finished the paper on time, revised only half the questions, after which I had to hand over the paper.

I would not have felt very great for such an exam, but given that I could have so easily woken up at 10:30 and got an F, made me feel good, Thank God for his mercy.

Thatz if from me today, somehow I didn't like term4, and it showed in my committment to the subjects. Neways, what an experience.

Wake me up......



Blogger Vibhu said...

That is something that can only be imagined at ISB .. no wonder it is my dream school..

3:21 PM  

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