Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Term 4 - Exec summary

If you didn't know what struck you down, and you have this lingering feeling of having to write an exam after a term break, you are not hallucinating on dope, you have just woken up to term 4. Lo and behold, at mighnight you get a mail saying that the SAIT exams have been postponed ( not before Jammy sends out those express SMSs).

A quick heads up on my term 4 days, had GSBC ( oil, politics and ethics) and Human development. Very interesting stuff, good profs AKSK from NAC rules. INVA was OK. SAIT and Banker, did a great job to turn a what could be a boring subject into an interesting one.MGTO, yet to appreciate if XYZ was still a CPO, but a very insighful course, atleast tells me that I got some work to be done on some aspects. Exams were OK, SAIT is on next week.

As the term came to an end, we had a good show put on by Shailesh/Jam/Harleen and Co. All the snaps across the terms were made into a movie and shown to the entire class, special awards were distributed too. I got the "golden handshake" award, which I was too flummoxed to understand at the instant. I was good fun, SecF rocks.

As all good things come to an end, so did Group F7. Not very sure I ended it the right way, we had Rashi's and Surya's birthday party at hot shot place which hosted Sania Mirza ( was a chinese place next to Ohri's), food was good and Ayez mom was around( thanks for the MGTO help aunty). Rashi's dunking was a wild frenzy ( I would post the pics in exactly 1. 3 light years). Had good fun, and some bad times. I think I did find my DESTINY.

It hasn't been very easy with that....



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