Friday, October 13, 2006

Term 4 - Break

My term break is effectively over, come MAPI and its official. I've learnt quite a few things during this break, more about myslef, about life and what it takes to chill. Sometimes things are good, and good they are only till they last (now this is what I call profound) and like all things, all good things come to an end. The mind is too feeble to fathom the complexities of life, human emotions and Destiny. It is akin to the universal law of gravity, where each object influences (by virtue of force) every other object in the universe, the human intellect can do only as much to understand a simple action of one person on the millions of ppl around him/her. All the mind knows is of the immediate obvious, the rest are left to a more divine being to comprehend. Well cutting back to the theme, the break was good. Rejuvenating and more importantly gave me time for myself. Caught on to a few vices, guess they were always on the cards.

Term 5 looks exciting, 5 fin courses, and add to that the I-banks which are gonna be on campus and an IS. It is all about knowing your destiny, what it takes to get there. It is hard to find that inner voice which eggs you on, but it is only as hard you make it out to be.

The next good think was orkutting, wow....where have you been KR, our nation casts its lonely eyes on you....was a fab experience to catch up with loads of buds. Good time catching up with them, all out there just to be yanked and spoken to. Good fun.

SAIT, is scheduled for Wednesday. Going home this thursday for Diwali ( home sweet home). Have been missing Diwali at home for some years now, so Momz all happy for it. So herez one for T5..cheerz



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