Tuesday, October 24, 2006

May the force be with me !

Good news first, had been to Bangalore. Enzaid. <>, now after the eventful SAIT, I decided to get some goodies for Ash, so the ever dependable Mr S, decides to accompany me to LS or HC. So we three head off towards HC ( S, me and my Pulz). Reached HC, got some toys, some tees, some sweets from Pullaz, and dined at SS ( good food, nice exp, nice price). So I returned all happy about life, full bliss and a state of euphoria. Slept well again.

Now, when we wake up late for an exam the previous day, and when you realise that you don't have an exam today, the human mind is programmed to think that its vaccation time, am I am human. So even though I woke up in time, didn't realise that I had an AdCF class, but I acted a bit smart thinking that since I can't attend the OPFR class in the eve, would attend it earlier, so went to the class, just to see Pinks asking "where the f.*** were you" in as many words, realised that SD did a good session on Fin case anaylsis, so now had to change plans, had to attend a hours lecture in another class in he evening at 5, had to catch a train at 7. Receipe for disaster. Attended the Options class, attended the Prop class, attended half of ADCF, and by then it is 6:15. Am still at campus, holy shit.

Rinkle and Surya warn me that Kachiguda is far away and I had to leave early to make it, but somehow I've been brought up to believe that things just can't go wrong with me. Oh !

Took out my pulz, not trusting an auto for speed. So started ripping towards a vague direction towards K..station. I didn't have a clue as to where I was going, just assumed that most of the junta on the stree were going to the station, so just followed the traffic ( believe me folks, this technique works). At about 7 pm, I was about 1 km from the station, Rinkle called to tell me that the train had left ( pity that she had to travel alone, coz of yours truly, and to add to that, the anxiety of trying to reach my mobile). Neways, the worst was yet to come.

I was caught using a mobile on my bike, without a helmet, without a Hyd registration, and without my RC. To cut a long story short, I was let off scot free, glib pays folks.

After about an hour, was at an APSRTC counter waiting for my volvo to Bang, Mom came to know about this, and was all too worried. Finally reached Bang, the next day at 10.

Home, sweet home is where the heart is, and where the biggest diamond is.



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