Monday, October 30, 2006

Yo Bangalore ! Yo Term 5

Bangalore this time around was more about Infy mates, UVCE mates and some good food. Sis had come down for diwali, so was an occassion for all of us at home. Giri as usual was at his best with Sw**ty, all ga ga. Took me to this new chinese joint at KML, called Yo China, good ambience , good food and more importantly , undiscovered. I've nevered enjoyed chinese noodles as much as I did the other day. And how can we miss our good old Corner house. Pusp, Lala and Kiran were all doing good business for Diwali, Gold sells big time during diwali.

Back home at 12, read about a zillion mails, I had accumulated over the terms, slept like a baby. Sunday was loong...had to meet Mathew and Deepa ( what a lovely couple they make, but for the SAIT session at khemka, I would have made it to their wedding in mal land). Neways, got them a lovely bronze statue ( or at least I thought it was good), CCD at KML is pretty cool for such a occassion, nice garden setting and all. Met up with Randy, dude is all set to app to some big shot B schools next year. Then next up was the big get-together with Mads/chets/amit/sarika/bindu ..... Decided to meet at 3/4 chinese ( chinese again, thinking about it I come to love chinese food). But before that some godly stuff, Mom thought that I had almost become an atheist, so had me accompany her to the temple ! ( big occassion that ). So in the evening , met up with my mates, chattet about the good old engg days ( akki roti, munches, badami - e - halu ...), ended in the same old uvce style, Corner house.

Sunday, morning, almost missed my flight back to Hyd. Reached at around 11, and had to pick my bike from Kachiguda station, and then drive back to Gachi....what a nightmare, I cannot for my life tell where from K...! Neways, reached and then began my never ending saga of classes ( or my misses ). Term 5 in a nutshell, 5 courses, 1 Mapi, 1 IS, 1 Langauage, 2 I banks. has made my life a big time warp.

Visited RR's house y'day, Pragna rules.

Adios, HMTG.


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