Friday, December 01, 2006

Term 5 - exec summary

Term 5 was a race against time. 5 fin courses in 5 weeks was alwasys going to be a difficult proposition. This task make more difficult by some difficult times domestically :-(. Nevertheless, lets get to the interesting parts.

Had the following courses, Prop Fin, Adv Corp Fin, Fixed Income, Options and Futures and Feco. Prop fin was a good course made elementary, it was all about cap rates, mortgages and debt service. Some interesting stuff about CMOs. So not a very great course.

Feco, Mudit was awesome, contemporary thoughts and some insightful things were discussed, moi yet to grapple with all the stuff CAPM has to offer yet. Good course, I guess this is the foundation to all finance, if stocks define finance and the underlying of all stocks are volatility and returns. So enjoyed the course.

ADCF, hmm..a big let down, did get as much out of the course as I had expected to, neways was a good learning experience, that the amount you learn is proportional to the amount of effort one puts in. So no great qualms here..

Options and futures...was all about Hull, didn't get a think of what was thought in class. I love derivatives !

That apart, moi was involved in the Capital Markets conference and was instrumental in getting the event together, which was a grand success but for the ISB junta participation.

Participated in the Hyd 10K run, and completed it. It was around the Hussein Sagar lake and had an impressive turnout of around 2K ppl, including Sameera reddy :-). Maybe this is one the things I would remember about Hyd in the times to come.

Placements, big hearbreak. No DB no GS no moi bit disappointed.