Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Know thy mate...

Wow, the ISB admit group rocks ! There are loads of mails floating around congratulating people about their admits and a bit of flirting as well ( selective reciprocation etc. ). Anyways whatz life without such fun !.
Prasanna, Rishi and Hari got their Job band changes. Wished them well. Such things don't matter to me these days. The 5 years at Inf has taught me to see the bigger picture and not loose the woods for the trees.
Tomorrow is going to be a BIG day, would have to "negotiate" M. This has a significant bearing on the next phase of life. Keeping my fingers crossed and hope to let my silver on my tongue to shine. Fortune favours the brave. When you have nothing to lose, you hardly give it two hoots in heaven.
Well, that aside. Need to get my act together and complete all my oustanding tasks like unlocking my V3, shop for my folks back home and also start thinking about getting my vested shares. Boy ! I am so clumsy with them.
The Loan is also to be sorted and needs some work on it, Sis is helping me with it ( she is always lucky for me ). Have to call up Bibek / Krirti and Pra and let them know about my decision. Need to really thank them for their time. Also, am planning to take some driving lessons when I reach Bangalore ( a whole lifestyle change is on the cards).
Have to get myself a DSC at any cost this weekend, would miss out on loads of snaps.
Wokay then folks. Oops...regarding the title, well am in the process of knowing...Yumm.


Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mom and Sis made it...

Feeling very Happy today. Mom and Sis successfully completed the Land deal. Kudos to them, the way they handled it is exemplary. Good work done family. Finally I feel I am in control of my entire life. Know my future ( also planning to talk to M..) , got the site, matched my B acumen with my co-workers and am happy that all my years of reading and observing has had a profound effect on the way I think.

Work@RBS is good, am managing it very very well. Got a CRR 2 this time , am sure I would have got 1 if given the right project ( read very visible project). Also, the week also showed that I perform well under stress ( after all managing a 17.5 transfer sitting in London requires talent).

At 16 Tavistoc gate, 2 Tavistock Road. Akhil has left for his cousins wedding, would be returning after a couple of weeks. He is one person I feel that I should have contacts ( networking ) with , very helpful person. That apart life@croydon was boring for the entire week. Gymming did not happen very regularly ( Das and Raj were stranded outside so had to rush home mid way one day). Y'day went to Taxi No. 9211 ( pathetic is a work I use very generously here). After which we went to YATES a local pub cum DISC. Danced a bit and generally had a good time.

Regarding M...well lets see how things unfold this week, am keen to get this as It would bring in the much needed balance in my life, much depends on how I get the message across ( let my persuation be with me). Also would be speaking to BS this week, planning to use him as my guarantor.

Would be buying some thing for GIRI and everyone this time. They have been of phenomenal help. I am conciously improving my people caring skills ( and am starting from home).

That apart Life is cool and hey Bush is going to ISB ( now how cool is that)


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Remote Transactions....

I don't feel empowered enought in the 21st centuy. Well the story is, Sis and Mom like the BSK site and agreed for the registeration this saturday ( from the planned date of 27th), and they expected me to take care of the dough. Now the problem is that my bank puts restrictions w.r.t the amount I can transfer online. So had to find ways of arranging it. I managed to handle the situation very well ( first test of my crisis management skills and also my persuation skills). I managed to convince Kav in Infy that it a fax from an authenthicated source should be good enought for her, to which she finally agreed. So had to go to Knightsbridge and get the fax / scan sent to Kav from there. Now I reach there with great difficulty ( forgot to take the location and how-to-reach guide) and when I did explain the situation , the lady in the bank started her usual hands-off talk. Now I had to get this lady to speak to Kav and given the notoriety of the 0800 number of Infy chances were very low, finally after a zillion attempts managed to get hold of Kavs. Now after much deliberation she got the the lady at the bank to send here the scanned copy of my letter and passport ( given that I could not send a fax from RBS propery, send the wrong side of the letter) things looked pretty safe. Only to find out later that Kavs mail server was slow, so had to forward the scanned documents to her again. Now her printer wasn't working so she had to go home without making the transaction.

Another anxious day, woke up at 5 and called Kavs, now she said that she would complete the transaction right away and did it. Called up home , just to find that Mom and Sis left to the Bank... how do you like that for timing.

BTW, M...replied. Work and Gym going good. Planning to shop for my DSC T5 this weekend.


Sunday, February 19, 2006

Nuclear quagmire..

India is heading straight to the nuclear quagmire and appears to be in a hurry. In its frantic rush to sign nuclear treaties left-right and centre, I guess it has lost direction and strategic vision. The much talked about J18 aggreements not only stacks the odds heavily against INDIA but also might be counter production to INDIA basic need to go in for such nuclear deals. Nothing is lost yet, if INDIA does push in for clear distinguishing CIVILIAN and NUCLEAR reactors and also reserve the right to maintian the list ( dynamically ). Unless the directions of nuclear energy is firmly planted, this would lead to another protracted issue which our Nation currently faces ( for not having dealt with earlier when we got Independence).

Chirac is currently touring INDIA and hope we strike some sanity to our Nuclear deals. Also, Singh is going to issue a suo moto tomorrow ( I think ) in both houses regarding the nuclear deal with the US. As of now the nuclear establishment is against such a move by INDIA.

Karnataka, is going backwards with it losing the FAB city project and with Infy planning to set up the largest campus in H'bad.( all this for some tax holiday). Can't understand why the IT sector still needs Tax holidays ( with all those stellar profits). Anyways, Infy had some problems with the govt of Karnataka ( and hence this move). Not good to Karnataka at all.

Apart from these, I had a pretty good weekend thus far. Had a good send off to OP and also shopped at Oxford street with Akhil. Got Suresh a Moto RAZR V3 ( hope he likes it), also shopped at Lillywhites. Here is the intersting bit, for a first time I saw a thief ( shop lifter) beingh chased by the security guards ( his ccomplice was caught ). He guy just ran ahead of us and for a moment I thought that I should have sopped him, but somehow didn't do it ( just not used to doing it I guess).

Saw Zinda ( a bit disturbing movie, apparently the south Korean version is worse) and kinda liked it. Enjoyed Pati..patni aur who with my flatmates later saturday night.

Hope you all have a very good weekend.


Friday, February 17, 2006

Lost the plot...

Literally, I had asked my sis to get me a plot at B'ari - VI stage, Mom really liked the site and when we approached the seller he told that he had just accepted an offer of 1000 bucks and had to wait till today to see if it was still in the market ( got news that we have lost it) but the other one which is north facing is available and we would be offering the advance on Monday. So although I have a temporary set back , am well on track with my long term plans and also in a way it was good that I did not get the second one as it give me the option to keem my equity investment intact. Also did some cheeky stuff to get the maximum personal loan ( lets see how that goes). Should plan my finances and my life more carefully from now ( the new Kumar is Born). Also OP is going back this weekend ( cool chap, wish him all the best for his wedding).

all quite on the work front, UAT is all smooth sailing. Have orderer Lee Iacocca. Hope I get it this weekend. That apart , have done a lot of inspection over the past couple of days and have realised that I've got to rein in my anger ( probably need an anger management course).

Am planning to return to INDIA during the second week of March, that gives me enought time to do all the stuff I need to do ( license, books, loan etc ..etc).

BTW, Akhils treat was fab ( at Banana leaf , opposite the first resturant I went in the UK sheesh mahal). That apart nothing interesting happening...so looking forward to a happy weekend ( but hope the rains don't play spoil sport).

Wokay folks have a great weekend.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Of Raincoats and B'days....

The last couple of days have been pretty unique. Let's start with the bad news, as I had mentioned earlier I had watched Raincoat and muttered how silly Ash's fears were when she thought that she would get locked in a bathroom with nobody to help her. Well, I experienced it first hand ( before that we have had a replacement for OP , RS , he has been with Patni and accenture before joining Infy). Oops... I forgot Akhil's B'day party.

So here goes, Monday was Akhil's birthday, so we stayed up Sunday night to throw him a surprise party. Das got a chocolate cake ( Yumm....) and we had a gala time, poking fun at each other and the usual cake smudge.

trouble started Monday morning, RJ got stuck in our Bathroom ( the knob just wouldn't work ) and for a moment we all thought that we had to break open the door , luckily RJ managed to open the door ( and I didn't bother to know how ! ). So after Monday's usual day at office, I returned home to hit the gym. Totally forgetting the incident in the morning I locked myself inside the Bathroom ( luckily for me Das was at home , but sleeping). After my initial attempts to putup a brave front I yelled for help ( Das finally woke up from his slumber) and tried opening the door from outside , after all our attempts failed we decided to give RJ a call and get the "open sesame" magic. All he told was that he used the scissors. I had earlier tried with the scissors , but knowing that it could be done with the scissors I tried harder and managed to open the door ( Important physcology lesson ). The day continued terribly when I went to Somerfield to purchase some toileteries, was anguished when I didn't find them. Frustrated I headed to the gym...

Today has been BAU, just that I have finally decided to jump into real estate. Sis and Geeta aunty are doing all the hard work, lets see how it goes. Tomorrow is Akhil's Birthday party. And oh ! BTW the UAT is going at a snails pace ( who cares anyway) !


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday Times....

Friday Updates : Finally got the UAT region build underway , after a bit of a mix up. Can't believe I said that "I don't have the time for it" to Irene. Nevermind that was a low after a hectic week. Arasan has been picking up stuff rather well lately. Hopefully things should be OK with the UAT.

India won the 2nd ODI at Pindi. Felt good, but have a sneaking suspicion that India might trow away the guard and fall to its old rot. Nevertheless good to see Tendlia and Viru back in action. Did go in to office y'day only to see Jim working ( what did he think of me coming in to office on a saturday, me had to send the lousy Declaration to HSBC and also had to do some study with regards to my Loan). Didn't do much on the loan front, hopefully my sis should take care of it (haven't yet decided on my guarantor

OP treated us at Tikka Masala y'day. It was great , good food, good service and no crowd. Saw Raincoat again, was a good but a depressing movie. A must see. Ash has given a tremendous performance, and BTW news is out that Ash and Abhishek all set to wed. Thats it from me, heading to DIXONs to lay my hands on a DSC T5.

Adios - HMTG.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

First move

Had a chat with my Managers at work hinting about my future Leardership aspirations. I guess they were a bit taken aback when I said stuff like "professional preferences overrides personal preferences". Nevertheless I might have to sign off as a Project Lead , but thatz OK.

At work, things are a bit Haywire, the UAT build did not proceed as planned and is at risk of not being ready by the UAT date ( 13th feb). That apart work has been very cool. Jim and Brian are AWOT ( away on trainings). So this have given me time to think about buying a site. Spoke to sister about this and see was very encouraging. All I saved for my American dream would eventually end up in my quest to acquire some land in my Home town ( Bangalore).

Good news..got my DELL laptop , amazing looks , absolutely loved it. The delivery was very professional , asking me the delivery time as well.

Signing off ..HMTG.

Monday, February 06, 2006


Had a frenetic weekend ( literally). After the chennai Dosa treat on Saturday, watched Lakshya. Thoroughly enjoyed it ( for the record, it was my first view). Priety and Hrithik are amazing. The theme is good, well shot and realistic ( for late birds like me, if you intend to watch it, please do miss the mountain treak towards the end). My flatmate Das, said that Laks...was life changing for him ( good for him), but did not feel anywhere close to that myself. So was a late Saturday night.

Sunday morning was dull and lazy till Lochan called to say that he would be going to the National science museum ( this was planned and aborted on saturday, so came as a bolt). It was 10:30 and he said he would start right away. So given my state ( I hadn't even brushed) so said no, then my GoGetIt ( alter ego ) called up Lochan seconds later to say yes ( It can be done). So hurriedly brushed and went to the Station. Akhil was going to Clapham so before we closed our main door he asked if I wantet to go to RDB in the evening. Again this was carried forward from last week so had to say yes ( totally forgot about the dinner I was invited to by Mathew). Did a quick check and confirmed that the show was at 5:40. So had to finish my museum browsing by 4:30. Heading for more trouble.

Took the 11:31 to Victoria, said tata to Ahil. Reached Vic, changed to Circle and was in South Kensington at around 12:10. Went into the museum and after seing the great steam engines felt I was running out of steam. So went into the Restaurant and caught up some lunch. Just then the rest of the Junta ( who disappeared to drop off their luggage in the cloak , returned with the proposal that they wanted to see the "Walking on the moon" 3-D movie by iMAX. This would again take an hour ( time crunch), I said OK and went to finish my lunch.

Later watched the movie ( my first 3-D movie , with glasses and all). Then broke up with the rest of the pack and began to explore the museum myself. Saw all the great steam engines, differential analysers, calculators, CRAY I, ships, planes etc. Had a good time. At 4:30 called it a day and left for vue@croydon.

Reached croyond at around 5 and had a burger at the station ( man I was hungry to the core), finally walked to the cinema hall just to find that my friends hadn't purchased my tickets. Had to wait for them after I had purchased my tickets. They arrived just in the time for me to catch the opening credits.

Then began RDB...probalby one of the finest contemporary urban young movies with real life type dialogues ( Aamir wooing sue with su-kar mere man ko...could relate to it). The next couple of hours was fun. Got a missed call half way through the movie ( knew it was Matt). The movie got over by around 8:45.

Went straight to Matt's place, boy what a rollicking time I had ( total bindass fun). Had a splitting head ache though, had loads of coke. Matt prepared some cherupaier. Fooled around with Saithaly and Thillai. Had dinner and headed home at 11:30. Then crashed.


Saturday, February 04, 2006

Chennai Dosa...

The weekend has been very good so far.Started it with Mangal Pande ( The rising) and it depressed me a bit. But today has been really enjoyab le, did go out to Whitgift with Akhil and Adarsh(akhil's pal) and shopper for some sandals and tracks. This has been one of my first real shopping experiences at Croydon, discovered Centrale and went up and down quite a few tronic shops to fing my DSC T5. But to my dismay did not find the black flip model I was looking for, so It would be another round of searching.

Chennai dosa was good, although it was a bit too overcrowded ( the effect of being the only authentic south indian resturant in the area). Had some Dosa's , vada's and some good old filter coffee. Have got a few cassettes for this week's matinee ( Lakshya and Raincoat) , should be a good watch.

The week ahead would decide my JB, hoping to become a Project Manager this year. Well this is important because it would decide my Job after my MBA. Neways, thank god for the peace I've earned for myself.

Miss Home.


Thursday, February 02, 2006

DELL ...too edgy

Dell mailed me that they could not contact me and hence could not proceed with my order ( not acceptable at all). Couldn't they contact me via mail. Did receive a call from the office and they wanted my official mail ID. They just don't trust anyone, inspite of giving my office address they could not confirm my address ( as it was registered against Natwest and not RBS as I had said). Now would have to wait till tomorrow to confirm if they are indeed happy with my identity.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hip Hip Hurrah....

Finally the system test for my application got kicking, after 2 gruelling days of multi party trouble shooting it was precisely at 5 today that we got the all clear. Y'day we had issues around the dreaded LinkID and what an experience it was to get 3/4 ppl looking at various consoles and monitoring a transaction as it passed from the WebSphere to the CTG to the Host. Boy, it gives me the kick.

Finally managed to confirm my DELL order to Uday, so am expecting it by the 7th ( it is a silver DELL, inspiron 6k). Yet to look out for my other stuff, but given that I've managed most of my stuff around work, I should find the time for it in the next few days.

Also, gave Arasan some royal treatment today ( for his good, I would like to believe) but his efforts to get the ST working, put aside any bad taste. Back from work early, didn't go the gym , but went to SaveMore instead to get our Daily bread ( chappatis) and curd. So it would be back to GodFather-2 today.

Signing off ... Kumar.