Friday, May 26, 2006

In the Grind of things....

I've missed reporting some more mundane stuff happening on campus. For instance, the Birthday dunkings, a tradition inherited from our seniors and followed very religioulsy. Attached is a snap during Dz B'day. This usually happens at midnight, and along with the dunkee there are a few regulars who always end up in the pool. I've gone into that once, trying to dunk Pie....

Well, that taken off my mind. Other things worth a mention, is our friendly sarovar. It is an election item and all our netas talk about taming Sarovar. But alas, only Jam seems to understand, they are here to stay. They are the "all in all" here, they take care of food, student villages, engineering, the grocery store. So it pays to like them. These days, it is almost instinctive to walk down to Goel for lunch/dinner and catch up with some regular ( Gurd..), it is amazing how some ppl have exactly the same hunger ..time index synchronisation, that we end up at Goel at exactly the same nano second.

My studio, nothing interesting happening, just that pochaiah, the friendly sarovar guy comes in day in day out to clean up the apartment only to find that he also has to wash up my dishes ( mostly bowls, from my breakfast cereal). That apart, the mid term eco paper was out, did reasonably well. Stats is due sometime this weekend. We have our end terms next week, so have got a long week ahead. Things are beginning to look a bit hectic now, loads of assignments ( both individual and group), studies, cold calls , LDPs, ELPs , PGP forums, CAS forums, Knowledge sharing sessions, Auction theory classed, accounting quizzes, accounting projects, case read up, newspapers, ....zzzz..

Mom, sis and ash are doing good, have booked my tickets to Bang on 7th, so after my end terms it is gonna be "home sweet home".

Random notes - Most of my sec mates, lost their elections. Read a nice quote - Failure is temporary, it is the act of giving up that makes it permanent. ossum quote.

Thats it from me guys, till the next time.....adios.


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Another week gone by....a whole new perspective dawning.

Just to put things in context, we has lotsa stuff happening to us over the last 10 odd days. Our eco assn., finally was through after on last could has a zillion flip flops, threatning to go all bonkers on the slightest hint of a "better" soln. Well, my G has an amazing ability to justify that the "world is indeed flat, if most of the other G thinks so", well mez the biggest contributor to this profound line of reasoning. Lets leave it to rest, we had other stuff too. For eg. our mid terms, had it for stats and eco. Eco reminded me of some memories, not all of which are sweet. But nevertheless was an experience.

Followed the mid term, with a mother of all parties at SV1, by the wives. Take a bow, the better halves. Was cool, had hyd house serving dinner. The music was good, the perfect setting for some beer and good old fashioned gawking. Oh ! yeah , we had to dress up in pairs, no talk of that.

Had guru's b'day on the same day, and the eco frustration was all directed on him. Had most of my sec getting dunked, more on this glorious tradition later. So with that my weekend had begun in all earnest.

The other thing worth noting is the inter sec f-ball tourney, my sec did well to reach the semis ( why did I not play! I'm yet to demonstrate my utility to the honchos, till then , Ill just stick to reporting). BTW, E won 13-2 against SecC. Hail piero.

What am I doing at this late hour, Game theory still continues to haunt me, vaguely remember studying it in my previous incarnation, and being severly mutilated at my feeble attempt to proclaim my "understanding of games", but hey, another day and fresh pair of trousers.

Thats it folks, some random notes.
1. See some potential COI happening in my G
2. Booked my Ts to Bang.
3. Have to slog it out for the next 2 weeks.
4. Have loads of stuff to do ..... and more of it...zzzzzzz


Thursday, May 11, 2006

another week chugs...

True to any other day, today was crazy. Just when most of us were expecting to wind up for another weekend of quizzes/assignments and studies (with or without a TA), our good ol'folks down at SV3 had plans for a shorts and skirts party, add to that a mini pool ( with water ) as the dance floor. All ingredients for a wild party. Sure was !

Now, that I have become an irregular at blogging, my updates about my last week. My eco quizzes are turning into a nightmare, I just don't think like an economist. But some late rear week action has given me a ray of hope. My group has done well with our assns, lost out on a triviality. Have my mid terms next week, so have to come up with some decent stuff by then. Accouting is fun, really began thinking it as a drag, the ENRON and WorldComm cases did pep it up a bit. Mark(Kellog) is good at keeping us awake.

Statistics, Bob(Wharton) is doing a fabulous job, any other person teaching it would have made it look like a burden. The fun part is that he expects folks just to do one thing "take decisions". That is good.

Ansari if good. Makes marketing look like it is all a business needs to survive. But hey, I haven't had all my core courses yet.

The best news, my neice has gotta a new name , Ashwini. Sounded cool to me. Had a big naming ceremony and all, sad that I wasn't around.

Am attaching my study group snap, all suited and booted.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Looong Weekend

The last day of classes this week seemed like the last day of school for many, to an extent to me as well ( just that I took my acc quiz on thursday). So here goes, we've had a week of classed and boy what a relief. Things have swung into action at a mighty pace. Assignments/blacboards/study material. All this is new to most of the junta here and is good that such state-of-the-art stuff is being experienced by many.

For me, classes happen in the morning and are usually over by midday , oh the good old UV days. A siesta is not uncommon these days, but the 1/2 hour thing has worked wonders for me. The only nagging worry is that my breakfast cereal is just not holding till midday, by when I am famished beyond reason. So need to have some breakfast b/w breaks and that gives me creeps.

And well have told you guys about my Group F7. It rocks. We have V for Yo! land, RG from Miranda, AG from ND, S from a PSU and our very own PP. Although a tad slow in finding each other, things are slowly but surely turning into a shade of a nondescript colour. Finished our assg today, and boy what a logistical achievement. Yes, we just have gotten to first names. Yes , have gotten to know quite a few guys here, so getting the name right in itself is an achievement.

Well, haven't explored HYD a lot, been to Jubilee hills, courtesy AG. Had to take him to Apollo, and boy what a ride that was(triples) on a 45 deg road. Also, been to Ohris, to celebrate the start of our long weekend. The highlight being that we dished out 1200 for a platter and that DR got all worked up with the hotel manager for that. Had a good time though and got a chance to see Banjara hills in all its glory, and also got to see the fab roads of HYD.

Campus life, is cool. Lunch/Dinner at Goel. Studying, chatting and news browsing and our so eternal Himmesh's songs on TV( most of the junta are sic of him now).

Well, thatz it for now. Have loads of stuff happening in life right now, but just don't think have the time/energy/enthu to key it. So herez moi bidding adios, till we meet again.

Random notes : Got a 74/78 on the quiz, and without any help may I add.

Cheerio folks,

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Round 1

Yes ! it literally was. Had a round of all courses for T1. The profs are good, managed to get up in Time( when was the last time i had cold sweat). Magec, Finaaco, Mktg and Stats(sometimes economics doesn't really help you to choose b/w devil and deep sea, no scarcity here though).

On a serious note, junta have well and truly got into the grove, Yours truly of course doesn't understand what that means, I live in a groove. Some how things for me has been OK, now if Murphy was around, he would be wispering, If all goes well, then you aren't going where you though you were going.

Some other incidents did bother me today, ( nah ! not CP ) - the shootinns at Doda ( not very good), the bus accident ( tragic ) and Vadodara ( what can I say ). This coming from the most well developed state in INDIA is a shock. Neways, some good things are happening, My little neice has settled cosily at Koramangala, Bangalore in the same house I was born into ( almost a million years ago). Don't really know when I might get to see her.

Random notes : Diligence Triumphs