Monday, June 19, 2006

Term 2 - opening game

Term 2 has been very very hectic. Just about a week, and we have done/learnt loads of stuff. From comp. strat to MarkStrat to DMOP to MacroEconomics. Term 2 is turning out to be a very hectic term. Very competitive in all the sense of it. The profs are good. KK, GurV,Juneja and PDesh.

Nothing exciting but studies and more of assignments, decisions and maket share. Finished our First decision and didn't too well, now am determined as hell to crack the market this time.

ELP, the big thing. Formed a group with Ad,Prab,Ket and Nish. Planning to do something in marketing. Hopefully things should fall in place. Classes are during the afternoon this term, so sleep has been a bit erratic. Term 1 results are expected anytime soon, hoping to have done well.

That apart, just another week for my B'day. Hope I have some good news to share with you all.

Random notes : H'day has just started getting its monsoon. No time to watch the WC'06.

Keep the peace folks.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Home sweet home....

Back in Bangalore for the term break. God ! It feels good to be back at home, and being able to see "Ash" is bliss. What a beauty. So a lot has happened in a week, with many firsts.

As reported earlier, my exams were a different experience altogether. It is not often that I was preparting at "home" even minutes before the start of an exam. That the exam was at the rec cetre did help us. This again was a first time for me , giving an exam in a audi. I know this might sound trivial, but this also made me see my first open books. Didn't really know that a page of notes also constituted a cheat sheet. But then, life has plenty to offer, day in day out.

Partied hard on the last day of the exams. B and C rocks. As I had to catch an early morning flight to Bangalore, couldn't sleep. So spent the time watching the first test b/w India and WI , which India drew ( which it could have won so easily). Trupti, an angel at SV 3 arranged for taxis for everyone, so didn't have to bother about transport to the airport.

So blurry eyed, I reached the airport to find about a million ISB'ians flying to either Delhi, Bom and b'lore. Hy'd has a very small domestic airport, and so comes all the woes of boarding early morning flights. The flight was a very small one ( ground clearance of just about 6 feet). Thought the flight lasted only 1.5hrs, I looked like ages to me. Party because I hadn't slept the previous day. ( talk about relativity).

Finally reached Bangalore, and what a time I've had for the past four days. Never been so relaxed all my life ( guess probaly after my 12th, but then too I had to worry about my Engg/Med stuff). Slept like crazy, never knew I could sleep for so long. Met up with friends Giri, Lala, spoke to Arasan. Watched loads of TV, eat like mad. Mom is the best cook in the world. Ash was bliss, making her sleep, feeding her, altogether a new and wonderful experience.

Wached MI3, a not bad movie I would say, but was a bit of a let down. Watched the curtains of WC'06 go up. My take is Eng has a very strong chance ( just surfed to see that Eng beat Paraguay 1 -0 ). So flying to H'bad tomorrow. Have an 8:00 am fight. So would be back to the grind again. Heard that Term 2 has an awful no. of assignments. God help me.

Have a great time folks, Football rules.

Random notes : WC reminded me of Diya Loney....all cosy in the US.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Term 1 Ends

Yesterday was the last day of Term 1. Went to Bottles and chimneys ( B and C - for the toungue) and had a gala time with the rest of the section F folks. The place was good, music OK. Since most of us were dying for the exams to get over, the party was extra special. More so given that people skipped the SV 3 party for this one. Now for the exam bit.

Accounting - Mark did a fantastic job to set a paper on expected lines ( read based on quizzes). Stats - Richard "God" of stats, also was a pretty good paper. Eco - The perennial problem, was bad. Not that Vohra set a bad paper, just that we expected more quant and equations in the paper.Marketing - Well, this was the other way around. we should have expected this knowing Raju. More quant and less descriptive answers.
So in all, was a different experience. Studying at my studio as late as 10 mins before the start of an exam , had never done this before. Also, the open books and the basket ball cournt turned examination centre. Not bad for a bargain I would say.
Now the best part, Term 1 break. Most of the folks are travelling to their hometowns. Such is the level of camaraderie in ISB that some kind sould has arranged for taxis to ferry us to the airport ( many of us are travelling in the morning and it doesn't make sense to book separate taxis). So all set to go to Bangalore.

Would like to post some snaps next time around.